Storage in outsourcing

Because the warehouse in an ideal company is exactly the missing one.

Storage in outsourcing

Inside a company the warehouse consists of the logistical structure dedicated to storage of goods

Its management unfortunately breaks down huge commitments for the company, connected to costs of employees, equipment maintenance and unsold stock.

Everything might be avoided by relying on a company which is expert in storage in outsourcing.

The 6 Advantages of Relying on Us for Third-Party Logistics Services

Elimination of fixed costs

You don’t need to buy a building for your warehouse, neither afford its maintenance costs.

Staff costs reduction

you can avoid to hire specific employees, train them and providing them with the necessary equipment.

More flexibility

Since you don’t have to freeze your patrimony in order to buy a warehouse, you can invest your money in other resources

Logistics management with professionalism and know-how

Since this is our core business for more than 10 years, we offer to our customers the experience of our professionals in the management of their goods, by providing also all the consultancy they might need in order to obtain the most efficient service.

Always modern technologies

We always invest in the most modern equipment, since for us logistics is our core business and we would like to be always in line with innovations

Opportunity of temporary storage

We are the best solution for those who need to allocate their goods only for a short period of time.

Main activities in a warehouse

The management of whatever kind of warehouse passes through some activities which are more or less the same for everybody, specifically:

Goods reception

During this step the warehouse physically receives goods to be stored At this moment there are some checking operations to do, on the conformity of the received goods with the ones specified on the packing list, both for what is concerning entirety and codification of material, and for the number of pieces.

Goods storage

It means goods conservation in the warehouse for a certain period of time, by ensuring its protection from potential damages. During this step some activities are included like labels printing, packaging, etc.


It means the step of goods preparation for their subsequent supply.

Shipping and Delivery

At this moment goods are sent to their addressee together with their packing list, with a specific means of transport.

Disadvantages of a warehouse management inside your own company

The warehouse management inside your own activity involves a long series of operative costs, for personnel and maintenance.

Goods which are stationary in your warehouse represent indeed a frozen patrimony, because your company has already paid for purchase or production and it has been paying taxes on them, but it hasn’t gained anything on them yet!

Even the warehouse facility is a patrimony freeze, since it is not possible to cast off a part of it in case of variations in quantities of material inside of it.

Depending on the declines in the market, periods of oversizing of the stock may alternate at times of greatest demand, at times when the maximum capacity of the stock is reached or exceeded, in case of increased inventory.

How to solve all these problems?

You’d better rely on a company like ours!
since 10 years we have been offering services for electrical and electronic production:

Our service of storage in outsourcing

We store goods of any kind in our warehouse, owned by companies that do not own a warehouse or that do not have enough space to store all the goods.

Who uses a warehouse in outsourcing?

It is addressed mainly to small or middle companies which are able in this way to save the onerous costs of a warehouse,react quickly at times of peak requests or goods to be stored, and always ensure a quick and accurate delivery; but also big companies may need it for short periods, in order to manage a temporary stock surplus.

Even managers of on-line e-commerces delegating to us logistics management and warehouse can focus only on their store, leaving to us the burden of storage, packaging and shipping.

It might be also a temporary support in case of relocation, both for companies and for private citizens.

We make available the most part of our 1000 square meters for the service of storage in outsourcing, including all the optional services, for all those companies which don’t have enough room or resources for an inner logistical management.

We take care of everything, from the entrance of goods to their exit.

Depending on the service needed by our customers, we are able to offer the best solution, thanks to our ten-year experience in the logistical field.

Warehouse in Outsourcing

It includes all the storage activities, from goods reception to their delivery, passing through the stock management, the needed documentation and whatever optional service you may need, like for instance:


We take care of the insertion of goods in protective containers in order to protect them during every handling.


It is fundamental for all goods traceability and it allows to access to all the information regarding a specific product, useful for its delivery and for stock monitoring.


It includes all the additional handling activities, often carried out with the help of specific equipment. Among them we can mention loading and unloading, both manual and mechanical, quantity and quality control of received pieces and their handling and storage, up to their potential assembly, sorting and end distribution.

Goods in safekeeping

It is an extremely flexible service which let companies that want for instance to create a distribution network on the area, to safely store their products inside our warehouse.

We’ll keep the stock updated, by sending to our customers the detailed documentation regarding deliveries and goods still in our warehouse, checking carefully the entirety of products and the respect of delivery times.

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