Packaging in outsourcing

Why you’d better choose to rely on an outsourcing company for your packaging, instead to do it on your own inside your activity?

Because we have a very skilled team, especially in following every packaging process carefully and rapidly.

Since we have a specific multi-use department for packaging and assembly of kits, we are able to guarantee our results are always the same in a very short time, also thanks to the sample control on batches.

If you’ll leave to us the packaging of your products, you’ll have a great advantage at the manufacturing level, being able to use your resources and energies in other steps of your process, and then a strong reduction of your management costs.

Manual packaging in outsourcing

Inside our company we have chosen to specialize ourselves in handmade packaging in outsourcing, which let us to focus on very different products following your itemized list or with well-structured packagings.

Who is it addressed to?

Mostly to mechanical or electrical instrument manufacturers,such as radios, filters, duplexers, electrical panels (including on-site installation), but the choice to focus on manual packaging allows us to space in virtually any other industry.

There’s no limit in the customization we can realize following our customer’s needs, being able to adapt our rooms according to the product and the requested packaging, by always keeping high quality and hygiene levels, thanks to the total control we have on the whole production process.

Kit Packaging

We are especially specialized in packaging of customized kits upon your request.

The 4 advantages of kit packaging

Continuous control of kit’s components

By packaging the kit directly we have a constant control of the contained components,and therefore a lower risk of having non-compliant kits within the production batches.

Better cost-effectiveness and wastefulness limitation

A custom kit packaging cancels waste and guarantees to our customers a remarkable saving of money, time and resources.


It is possible to fully customize the packaging according to the needs of the customer, including any prints of logos, barcodes and descriptions.

Logistical simplification

Thanks to the decrease in references you have to manage.

The Packaging Process

Every process starts with the preparation of the packaging line, during which our operators set up our work plans designated to the packaging with all products to be inserted, so that we can considerably reduce manufacturing costs and times.

Then our operators manually insert them in the packaging and visually check every product is always inserted in the same direction, so that batches are always perfectly identical.

Then boxes are weight, just to be sure about the number of pieces inside. In the end packagings are sealed, labeled for an easy traceability and prepared for the delivery.

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