Labeling in outsourcing

Labeling in outsourcing is one of the final processes of packaging and assembly in outsourcing, but not less important than the other ones.

That’s why we have a dedicated department for this service, in order to make it multi-use and convertible following our customer’s needs.

In our department we have chosen to make exclusively manual labellingssince they are recommended for whatever kind of products, even for those with particular or irregular shapes, for which it would be difficult to use labelers.

Being a work of extreme precision we employ only highly qualified staff,who manually can decide to place the label at the point required by the customer, with impeccable precision.

Before to start any procedure we test the manufacturing, in order to always find the best and fastest solution for our customers.

Manual labeling in outsourcing: the best choice to be adaptable to whatever product

Do you want to save money and increase productivity by delegating the packaging and labeling department?


Our team is specialized also in labeling of products through a seal, a procedure which guarantees the integrity of the package.

The applied seal might have different shapes and can be attached in particular areas of the package.

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