Assembly in outsourcing

For more than 10 years we have been specializing in assembly in outsourcing, mainly in mechanical and electronic field, both for big manufacturings and for small lots or for partial manufacturings.

What does it mean for us?

Assembly means the union of different components in order to obtain a complete product or a part of it.
Assembly in outsourcing can be realized almost in every field.

Since we have 2 specific departments for the assembly, we are able to easily adapt our lines to unlimited kinds of different manufacturings in outsourcing by organizing as best we can our manufacturing line according to your product, starting from your technical design and itemized list and following carefully every step, in order to always guarantee quality and precision, with a strongly reduced margin of error.

We always maintain a strict partnership with your quality department, in order to be able to promptly solve whatever complication we can find during our production process.

4 advantages of the assembly in outsourcing

Why you’d better outsource such an important step of your production line?

Because for whatever kind of business it represents a huge benefit under multiple points of view:

Total Customization and Flexibility

Since we are provided with the most modern equipment for the assembly we are able to modify our production line following your needs, so that you can diversify your manufacturings even if you lack of volumes which can justify the creation of a dedicated line.


Since it is our field we realize the product in shorter times.
For instance our core line, that is the assembly of high-frequency radios, realizes up to 400 complete products per day.

Economic Savings

Our customer is relieved from the responsibility of being obliged to have some specific employees for it, with the risk of being uncovered during the peaks of work and with a surplus of personnel when the market has less requests.

Highly Qualified Staff

Our team is highly skilled in the assembly, with a ten-year experience.
Then you can also enjoy an additional know-how and some suggestions if you need them.

Our Production Line

Inside our 1000 square meters factory we have 2 dedicated departments for the assembly, which can be realized also under controlled temperature, upon your request.

During our negotiation we establish together with you costs and times of performance of our work, by offering to you if needed, also our consultation and our ten-year know-how in order to obtain the maximum output with the minimum possible price.

Once we have received your pieces, we verify that number and quality of them correspond with what we have agreed with you, before to assemble them.

Finally goods are packed and delivered to the end customer.

Our Outsourcing Assembly Services

Mechanical assemblies

We can take care of the activities of pre-assembly, partial or complete assembly and production of mechanical groups, including revision and final test.

Electromechanical Assemblies

Thanks to the help mainly of dynamometric screwdrivers we can assemble medium and small details with very high precision. We don’t have a white room yet, but every assembly operation is performed with antistatic bracelet,ESD work desks and ESD rubber mats for a clean and safe end result.

Every step is personally handled: manufacturing, assembly, planning, packaging and delivery of the product to the end customer.

Electrical Assemblies

We are specialized in the assembly of electrical components, mainly industrial and end-user electric panels including their wiring directly to the end customer.

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