Manufacturing in outsourcing

For more than 10 years our company located in Brugherio (close to Milan), offers its 1000 square meters for the development of services of manufacturing in outsourcing for our customers.

We mainly turn to companies working in the mechanical and electrical sectors but there’s no limit to what we can do!

We assemble third-party products following carefully the specifications provided by the customer.

We label and seal your products manually one by one, making sure it runs rigorously.

We perfectly package your products according to the base line provided by the customer.

We follow all the phases of the product logistics, from the receipt of the goods and raw materials, to its delivery, passing through billing, stock and inventory management, labeling and any accessory service that is necessary.

Wiring of electric panels

It is realized following RoHs regulations, with accurate controls during all the process. Once the product is completed with cables and connectors, it is installed, tested and certified directly to the end customer.

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Some reasons why you’d better choose the manufacturing in outsourcing

Because in this way companies can invest their energies and resources in other projects and marketing strategies , without dealing with the heavy costs of logistics, realization of the necessary machineries and equipments, and hiring and education of skilled personnel

We have already dealt with all these costs and, since manufacturing in outsourcing is our core business, we can always make available for our customers the most modern equipment.

In addition,our team is highly skilled, with a 10 year experience in this field and can offer his knowledge to our customers needs, suggesting him if requested, and always guaranteeing the delivery of compliant products in the requested time, thanks to our quality control system.

using our production department , the risks associated with market demand fluctuations are also eliminated.

We are always able to deal with this kind of events, both in case of increase and of decrease of requests.

Customers should never be worried about dimensions of their equipments.

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