Production and calibration of duplexer filters

Itav srl can produce and calibrate on your behalf duplexer filters, balanced or unbalanced couplers, circulators and multicirculators and other parts to compose radio bridges.
Our experienced technicians can support you in the full production of large batches of duplexers.

All this through the use of the latest generation network analyzers, which allows precise processing even on particular products.

Abbiamo inoltre la possibilità di lavorare su una larga banda di frequenze, che parte da pochi Mhz fino ad arrivare a 42 Ghz.

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Assembly of Duplexer Filters

Our service can also include the assembly phase of mechanical parts through: gluing, welding, precise mechanical closure with centerers and dimes, tightening with screwdrivers and dynamometric screwdrivers.

Since we also have a conveyor belt oven with zone-adjustable temperatures,we can close many parts each day of processing.

For those who want a finished piece starting from the project, there is also the possibility to have the complete production of the entire product, including mechanics.

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