Full Supply

With a decade of experience in the Third Party Assembly field, we have finally added Full Supply to our services.

What is the difference?

With Third Party Assembly (or Third Party Machining) we combine several components supplied by the client to obtain an end product or part of it. Complete Machining also provides procurement by us of the material for work order manufacturing.

Thanks to the experience of our internal Purchasing Department, we can select the best suppliers in terms of quality/price ratio and delivery time, while our Quality System is responsible for verifying the conformity of materials and the production line. Alternatively, if the client prefers to select suppliers independently, we will contact the client’s trusted companies.

Our 500m2 warehouse also allows us to be able to easily store supplies of materials pending machining.
By doing so, we can offer the client a complete service and an immediate final cost evaluation of the product.

Why rely on outsourced Full Supply?

It’s simple because it provides incredible convenience from many points of view:

For the considerable savings in time, space and costs that this entails for the client: employed labour has a higher cost than outsourcing it, as well as the upkeep and maintenance of machinery and physical spaces where material is stored, its movement and completion of labour


You will have just one contact with whom you interface, our company, without having to worry about negotiating with suppliers of every single component, couriers and the company that eventually deals with the third party labour etc.

Reliable Suppliers

Because our experience in the field has allowed us to accumulate a large number of specialist partners over the years from whom we choose the suppliers that best suit client needs.


Because our surface area and our many collaborators allow us to achieve almost unlimited production capacities.

Traceability and Quality

Immediate traceability on production batches: raw materials enter our warehouse and the finished product exits.

No intermediary = immediate traceability of every single component.

Our strengths


we work with both Italian and foreign clients so we have guaranteed fast delivery times throughout Europe.

Highly qualified personnel
our experience in the field allows us to respond quickly to any client doubts or needs, making available our know-how not only in production, but also in design, if needed.
having the most modern equipment, we can modify the production line according to client needs.
Immediate availability
having the most modern equipment, we can modify the production line according to client needs.
We are expert in manufacturing in outsourcing since 10 years

Do you want to know how to save money and increase your productivity by outsourcing some departments in your company?

What does it mean “manufacturing in outsourcing”?

The production requests that we receive from our customers can vary beteween the management of orders in the warehouse to the replication of the production processes.

We can offer to the customer a wide range of servicesrelated to the production of electrical products or electronic items, with reliability, seriousness, organizational and technological skillsof our staff andompliance with the deadlines .

We can offer our consultation from the design to the realization of your product if you need it and our customer service will be always available for any clarification or modification in the process.

Our Services in Outsourcing

For more than 10 years our company located in Vimodrone (close to Milan), offers its 1000 square meters for the development of services of manufacturing in outsourcing for our customers.

We mainly turn to companies working in the mechanical and electrical sectors but there’s no limit to what we can do!

Packaging in outsourcing

We perfectly package your products according to the base line provided by the customer.

Mechanical or electrical manual assembly

We assemble third-party products following carefully the specifications provided by the customer.

Manual labeling and sealing

We label and seal your products manually one by one, making sure it runs rigorously.

Wiring of electric panels

It is realized following RoHs regulations, with accurate controls during all the process. Once the product is completed with cables and connectors, it is installed, tested and certified directly to the end customer.

Storage in outsourcing

We follow all the phases of the product logistics, from the receipt of the goods and raw materials, to its delivery, passing through billing, stock and inventory management, labeling and any accessory service that is necessary.

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Some reasons why you’d better choose the manufacturing in outsourcing

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